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Number of users needed to run an effective qualitative study. When properly implemented, will result in a 19% margin of error.
User testing can lead to great discoveries about your visitors and their behavior, however, if done wrong, can lead to bad intelligence and wasted resources.


Average checkout cart abandonment rate across industries. Abandonment rates have been increasing from 60% in 2006 to 80% in 2013.
Why? That's a good question! Poor usability, cart path bottlenecks and funnel barriers are a great place to start digging.


Increase in ROI for B2B and B2C landing pages which have been optimized through A/B and multivariate testing with proper implementation.
If you aren't testing, you aren't evolving. Testing can help keep you on top of trends, discover user preferences and eliminate the guesswork. Good analysis can lead the way.


Search users who ignore ads and only click on organic search results. 14.6% of these users go on to convert.
SEO is a necessity for anyone with a website whether looking for engagement, customer service, or sales. If people can't find your online presence through a search engine, they aren't going to find you.

Figures via Neilson Norman Group, Marketing Sherpa, SEOmoz, Baymar Insititue 

I am an experienced professional digital marketer with demonstrated results in digital marketing analysis, strategy, product development and customer acquisition with a proven track record of leading successful marketing campaigns. My diverse background in web development, funnel optimization, operations and marketing analysis for B2B and B2C businesses give me a extraordinary advantage adapting to new and unique processes.


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Causality vs Correlation in Web Analysis

Causality and correlation are so often used interchangeably when describing user behavior in an analysis. Here is a good way to differentiate the two.

Solving UI & Usability Problems Programatically

If you can make things easier for your user, why wouldn't you? Many websites sacrifice usability for less back-end process, but that does a disservice to your customer.

Every Website Needs A Goal - KPIs Based on Goals

Setting a goal for your website is crucial to defining its success, but how do you measure it? Depending on your goals, there are KPIs to measure them.